Best Cuisinart Single Serve Coffee Maker SS10

Cuisinart single serve coffee maker ss10 is the best choice for your household. You are now able to prepare and can enjoy a wide variety of hot beverages at home or office with this programmable and K-Cup compatible coffee maker. 

This unit brews very quickly and gives you a delicious cup of coffee in under a minute. Whether you want to make a single cup for yourself or a pot for your family, it’s easy to enjoy with this coffee maker. It is good in both, taste and speed of brewing. It comes with many other amazing features which we are going to disclose.

Cuisinart single serve coffee maker ss10 premium is K-Cup compatible brewer that makes 1 cup at a time. Cuisinart single serve coffee maker has a reusable filter cup, so you can make coffee using your favorite freshly grounds every time. You can use any standard k-cup Keurig or any, it doesn’t matter. They’re all going to fit in there.

It’s offering you 5 different brew sizes 4, 6, 8, 10, & 12 oz, and this unit has 30 minutes auto-off feature. This coffee maker comes with a removable drip tray. The Rinse feature of this coffee maker takes a few seconds to clean perfectly from the inside of the brew chamber. Avoid using abrasive things such as steel wool pads and cleansers to clean the drip tray.

Cuisinart single serve coffee maker ss10 premium comes in four colors and it’s fully programmable with a cool screen and buttons. This smart coffee maker gives you an auto On and Off feature, also you can adjust the brew temperature. It also has a hot water button for instant coffee, tea, soup, or hot cocoa, and for many more things. There is also a rinse button, so you can do a quick rinse which they recommend doing a rinse in between different flavors of drinks.

Cuisinart Single Serve Coffee Maker SS10

Cuisinart single serve coffee maker ss10 premium has a Home Barista reusable filter cup so you can use your favorite coffee grounds to make a single serving. Cuisinart brand makes really good coffee makers, we like the looks and features and it’s also not super heavy. Another good thing is, it brews fast and much quieter than the Keurig.

It includes a removable water reservoir on the left side and the capacity of this water reservoir is pretty good which is 72oz. So you don’t have to worry about refilling again and again. Also has a charcoal water filter to give you clean and better taste coffee. Water has to go through from charcoal filter before it gets into the machine and it’s really simple to change. We would recommend you change the charcoal water filter after 60 to 80 days.

Cuisinart single serve coffee maker ss10 premium has a backlit blue LCD display, so it’s easy to see at night or morning and it’s not harmful to your eyes. This coffee maker has a really nice control panel. The buttons light up when they’re ready to go, press the menu button one time and it brings up all the menus. There’s a programmable clock for automated brewing, you can set the clock auto-off that how long the machine stays on after you brew your cup of coffee. 

How we can forget to mention that it has storage on the right side where the reusable coffee filter is, so we can put our own coffee grounds in there which is a really nice feature.

Cuisinart Single Serve Coffee Maker SS10 Features:

  • BPA Free
  • 9.9 pounds
  • 3-years warranty
  • K-Cup compatible
  • Fully programmable
  • Auto On/Off Feature
  • Reusable coffee filter
  • Backlit blue LCD display
  • 5 beverage sizes: 4-12 oz
  • Accommodates travel mugs
  • Clock for automated brewing
  • Hot water and Rinse features
  • Dimension: 11.03” x 9.33” x 12.13”
  • Adjustable brew temperature and size
  • Height-adjustable Removable drip tray
  • Removable 72-ounce/2Liter water reservoir

What We Don’t Like:

No doubt that this is an amazing coffee maker but Besides all the amazing features, we have to admit that this coffee maker is noisy but not more than Keurig.

There are removable inside pieces, but they are hard to remove for cleaning. They used some metal parts but more than metal there are plastic materials. But it doesn’t mean that it’s not durable. Also, Cuisinart claims that it’s BPA-Free.

Like many other coffee makers it also does a few splashes on the counter, but not too much. And I don’t think it’s a big deal. Also, you can avoid coffee splashes by using tall cups. 

  • Auto On/Off
  • Charcoal water filter
  • Temperature control
  • 72 oz water reservoir
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Compatible with any brand K-Cup
  • Side storage compartment for reusable pod
  • Plastic Material
  • Noisy while brewing


Cuisinart is a top kitchen appliance manufacturer and their Cuisinart single serve coffee maker ss10 premium is also great and comes with 3-year limited warranty and it’s BPA free. For material, they used plastic and some stainless steel parts in the Cuisinart ss-10 Premium. But it will not disappoint you and it doesn’t feel cheap.

There are lots of happy owners and reviews on amazon of Cuisinart single serve coffee maker ss10 premium, who are using this product without facing any issue and they mentioned that this is a durable and price-worthy coffee maker and they are happy with their decision of buying this product.

I want to mention that when you will use K-Cups you have to pre-puncture your K-Cup pod, Instead of using of machine needle to pierce K-Cups. Because Cuisinart single serve coffee maker ss10 has a less sharp plastic piece needle that struggles sometimes to puncture the K-Cup from the top. But overall this is such a best coffee maker. 

Last thing, If you’re using filtered water, then you have to change the water filter of this coffee maker once every 60 days which they recommend. But you’re using just normal tap water then we will recommend you to change the water filter every 30 days.

Thanks for being here and reading this article, I hope this honest review helps you a lot and you got enough info to make the decision to buy this coffee maker.

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