5 Best Commercial Coffee Machines For Office

Do you want the best commercial coffee machine for your home or you’re looking for commercial coffee machines for office? Congrats! because you’re at the right spot. Just stay with us and we are going to help you to choose the best commercial coffee maker for office or for home.

If you want to run your business for the long term and want to get sky-high success. Then you need a strong team because in every business the team plays an important role. And to make a good team for your business, you must have to maintain good engagement with your team and also take care of them. So they can feel that they are working with good company and because of that, they will do their job with responsibility and sincerely.

One of the best ways to take care of your employee is to give them a hot fresh cup of coffee when they are tired doing work. They will appreciate it because everyone loves to drink coffee because it gives you fresh feelings and also it kicks off tiredness with the first sip of coffee. We did hard research and come up with the best commercial coffee maker for office and also self service commercial coffee machines. That means you don’t have to worry about doing research and finding the right one from thousands of commercial coffee machines for office. We made it easy for you to choose the quick and right coffee machine.

Here are 5 Best Commercial Coffee Machines For Office/Home:

1) Keurig K155 Office Pro Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

Commercial Coffee Machines For Office

This Keurig k155 office pro commercial coffee maker makes the quick and perfect cup of coffee with one touch commercial brewing system. Also, Keurig used quiet brew technology in these commercial coffee machines for office. These are the best self service commercial coffee machines as everyone can enjoy their favorite drink. Because with this coffee machine you can enjoy 150+ varieties of beverages including coffee, tea, hot cocoa, iced beverages, and many more. 

It features a touch screen interface with full color and temperature adjustment for the brew. Everyone in your office can use this machine because the programming function such as clock time, brew temperature, and Auto On/Off feature is very easy to use. Moreover, there is language preference to English, Spanish and French. If anyone in your office wants to use a travel mug with this coffee machine, they can use it. Because this .. has a removable drip tray.

This machine comes with a 90-oz water reservoir and it can be removed easily to refill. And there are four different cup sizes are available to brew, 4, 6, 8, and 10 ounces. There is no need of measuring. Just put your cup and put your favorite beverage K-Cup inside and with the help of a big touchscreen LCD select the cup size, also you can choose brewing strength strong/mild and that’s all. Isn’t it simple self service commercial coffee machines?

Do you want to know the brewing limit of this machine?
With this coffee maker, you can brew back to back in under 1 minute, 35 cups per day. Just make sure that you are using Keurig K-Cup pods with this single serve machine, except My K-cup, because My K-Cup is not compatible with this commercial coffee machine. Right now Keurig is the only one that provides you the option of easy to drain and remove water from the internal hot water tank. As a bonus, these self service commercial coffee machines include a 12 count variety box of K-Cups. Also, these commercial coffee machines for office are NSF certified for commercial use.

  • Touchscreen
  • Easy Drainage
  • Quiet Brewing
  • Large Water Reservoir
  • Best for Commercial use
  • They Removed the 12-oz Option
  • Has No Water Filter

2) Mcilpoog Super-automatic Espresso Machine with Smart Touch Screen

Commercial Coffee Machines For Office

If you are the one who is finding a super-automatic espresso machine for home or for office, then this might be the best commercial coffee maker for office/home. There are so many ways to customize the coffee to meet everyone’s tastes and everyone going to love the coffee from this machine. This machine has the ability to make perfect 16 types of drinks: Espresso, Double Espresso, Americano, Classic Coffee, Cappuccino, Latte, Latte Macchiato, BTB Coffee, Flint White Coffee, Large Pot Coffee, Crema, Ristretto, Clear Pattern, Light Coffee, Hot Milk, Hot Foam, and Hot Water.

With the high definition, touch screen display makes your favorite coffee in 3 easy steps, Grind, Brew, and Milk. These commercial coffee machines for office have a built-in milk foamer, Milk foamer can be adjusted, can be detached for use and for cleaning. In addition, other parameters are also adjustable, such as the amount of milk to add, milk foam can be adjusted, the strength of the coffee, etc. There are lights in the outlet water. This machine has a beans box, a coffee ground box, and also have a “Stop Now” button. If in case you want to stop the production in the middle of the process, just press the “stop now” button.

This is also best for self service commercial coffee machines and it comes with multiple cleaning options, which can be adjusted: Brewing system tablet cleaning, Foaming system steam cleaning, Descaling, Restore default settings, Project settings. This best commercial coffee maker for office has an automatic cleaning feature after switching on/off, Steam cleaning, and group core can be taken out for washing. Also, this machine will let you know whenever the water tray is full.

The previous model of commercial coffee machines for office had milk box but not in this new model because manufacturer gets many complaints from customers about the very odd smell of milk box. That’s why the milk box is not included in the upgraded milk frothing system. You just need to add the straw to the milk you bought.

Moreover, with these self service commercial coffee machines, they are giving you 24-hour online customer support, returns, and exchanges within 30 days and a 2-years warranty. Their customer service is good.

  • Auto Cleaning
  • 16 Brewing Options
  • Smart Touch Screen
  • Best For Office Use
  • Expensive
  • No Milk Box

3) De’Longhi Automatic Coffee & Espresso Machine True Brew Over ice + Burr Grinder

Commercial Coffee Machines For Office

This De’Longhi automatic espresso machine is not only a coffee machine, it’s a choice of every coffee lover because this is the world’s first and best fully automatic espresso machine that comes with iced technology. Also, these commercial coffee machines for office come with a built-in grinder with 13 grind settings. You can enjoy varieties of drinks with this machine, here they are Espresso, Double Espresso, Espresso Lungo, Double Espresso Lungo, True brew over Ice, and Drip Style Coffee.

This automatic bean to cup machine has three types of brewing type: Espresso, Drip Style, and True Brew over Ice. With the built-in steel burr grinder which is adjustable and it has the ability to grind your favorite coffee beans perfectly in 13 different settings. These beautiful self service commercial coffee machines have a touch display control panel that allows you to customize the strength of your coffee and you can also adjust the coffee temp as it has 4 temp settings. Moreover, it has 5 strength settings from extra-mild to extra strong.

It comes with an Italian 15-bar high-performance pump that heats up quickly. If you want to make rich, creamy, long-lasting latté or cappuccinos, you are able to make it because this machine has a manual frothier which can be adjusted to achieve the desired steam and foam levels. Keep in mind that there can be a difference in the quality of frothing because frothing also depends on the type of milk you choose. As well as drink length can be programmed according to your preferences. 

To make cleaning easy this machine has a removable brew unit and dishwasher-safe drip tray, so it will not take much time to clean. Also, you don’t have to waste money to buy chemicals for cleaning because this best commercial coffee maker for office doesn’t require any chemicals to clean.

This amazing machine has a 60.9 FL Oz water container and beans container with a capacity of 300g. Moreover, with these commercial coffee machines for office, you’ll get a water filter, Espresso machine, Measuring Spoon, Descaling Solution, Bean Shaped Ice Cube Tray, Brush for Cleaning, Quick Start Guide & Instruction Manual, and 2 years warranty. You can also get 1 year of additional warranty if you register your product.

  • Easy to Clean
  • Built-in Grinder
  • Heats up Quickly
  • Iced Coffee Maker
  • Descale Very Frequently
  • Don’t Buy Only for Espresso

4) Moccamaster 53948 KBGV 10-Cup Coffee Maker with Glass Carafe

Commercial Coffee Machines For Office

Moccamaster coffee brewers have dominated the home coffee brewing market since 1968. Moccamaster coffee makers are made in Holland. They make coffee machines with high quality and most durable metal to make sure that their coffee maker will last a very long time. They also provide their machine parts to replace.

With these commercial coffee machines for office, you’ll get a glass carafe and with the selector switch, is easy for you to choose between a half carafe or a full carafe of coffee. This coffee maker can brew 1.25-liter coffee in just 4 to 5 minutes and this machine will enhance the coffee’s taste, and aroma by extracting all of the flavors of your favorite beans. The temperature and speed of the brew can be adjusted according to your needs.

In order to maintain consistent water temperature, Moccamaster uses copper boiling elements to heat the water. Because of the copper boiling element, water heats almost instantly to a brewing temperature between 196°F to 205°F. This coffee machine has a 100-minute timer, so it will automatically turn off the power switch and hotplate after 100 minutes. Also, if the water reservoir runs out, this device shuts off automatically.

If your coffee is brewed and ready to drink but you are busy at work, you don’t have to worry about the coffee getting cold. Because this best commercial coffee maker for office got a unique hot plate that will always keep the temperature at an ideal level. It also has an auto drip stop feature, so if you remove the carafe, the drip stop automatically shuts off the coffee flow.

These commercial coffee machines for office have varieties of colors to choose from: Polished Silver, Matte Black, Off-White, Stone Grey, Rose Gold, Midnight Blue, Turquoise, Pistachio, and Candy Apple Red.

Every coffee machine of this company has to go through individual tests before leaving the factory. Not only this, All plastics are BPA, BPS, BPF, and phthalate-free.

  • Auto Drip-Stop
  • Instant Heats Water
  • Copper Boiling Element
  • BPA, BPS, BPF, and Phthalate-Free
  • Cheap Glass Pot
  • Not Programmable

5) New Miele CM 5510 Silence Automatic Coffee & Espresso + Grinder + Milk Frother

Commercial Coffee Machines For Office

Now let’s meet Miele, do you want to know why we are presenting you Miele and why we chose their coffee maker in this list? There is a strong reason, firstly Miele is a very old brand since it’s founded in 1899. Secondly, they promise that their aim is to always provide better products to make their customer’s life easier and happier. So that was a short intro of Miele and now let’s get to know their coffee machine.

Miele CM 5510 Silence Automatic Coffee Maker and Espresso Machine with Grinder. With these commercial coffee machines for office, you can enjoy a variety of drinks coffee to espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, café latte, etc. This is a perfect combo machine for coffee lovers. The grinder of this machine grinds your favorite coffee beans perfectly. Also, the grinder of this machine is much quieter than the previous model and other machines because in this model they used a new silence feature to reduce the noise.

These machines are fully automatic and can be used as self service commercial coffee machines. if you go into the menu option, you’ll see lots of features including a full coffee pot, programmable beverage parameters, hot water function, and many more. You can enjoy the drinks from this machine, also you can customize the settings and save it into the user profile. The user profile feature is not available in Miele CM 5310 model.

These self service commercial coffee machines have a touch button OneTouch for Two, using this button you can prepare two delicious beverages at the same time. Not only this, but you can also make coffee for 8 people at the same time by simply putting the coffee pot and selecting the full coffee pot option. You can also enjoy delicious cappuccino or latte macchiato with this coffee maker because this machine makes creamy milk froth to let you enjoy delicious drinks.

There is also a safety secure touch button to lock the start-up, using this useful feature the coffee machine will not be turned on accidentally. Also, this coffee machine is very easy to clean because the brew unit, drip tray, the water tank is removable and are dishwasher safe. Moreover, the pipe cleans itself and this machine doesn’t require a lot of deep cleaning.

  • Fast Machine
  • Easy to Operate
  • Start-up Safety Lock
  • Variety of Beverages
  • Combo with Grinder
  • Expensive

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