Chemex vs Moka Pot Difference in 5 Steps

Chemex vs Moka Pot Overview:

If we talk about the taste between Chemex vs Moka pot, the Percolating process in the Moka Pot makes the coffee much richer in flavor, thick in consistency, and gives you a taste like an espresso. And the cup from Moka Pot has a more balanced flavor than Chemex.

While with Chemex, you’re able to get rid of whatever you don’t want in your drink. Because the heavy filtration of Chemex makes sure that all oil or extra flavor will be cleaned out and gives you a light and sweet cup of coffee. This is the major difference between Chemex vs Moka Pot. But both are easy to clean.

Now let’s dive into the detailed comparison between Chemex vs Moka Pot and after reading this complete article, you will get enough information about Chemex and Moka Pot. And then you will be able to decide that which one is best to buy.

Chemex vs Moka Pot

What is a Moka Pot?

Taking its name from Mocha, Yemen. An Italian engineer named Alfonso Bialetti invented the Moka pot in 1933s. A Moka Pot is a compact brewing system and Steam pressure is used to force boiling water through ground coffee. Thus with this method, you are able to brew a delicious hot cup of coffee on your stovetop.

Italian Moka pots spread across the entire south of Europe after the Second World War, becoming the standard method of making coffee at home. In response to this popularity, non-Italian manufacturers start making new designs inspired by the original Italian design made by South European manufacturers.

You should use a medium-fine grind with a Moka pot as it will make the best cup of coffee. You will be rewarded with a rich powerful cup of coffee when you brew with the Moka pot optimally. Making coffee in a Moka pot is very quick and produces a thick, rich, bitter, and close taste to espresso.

Chemex vs Moka Pot

What is a Chemex?

After 8 years of Moka Pots, Chemex came as a manual pour-over style glass coffeemaker, invented by chemist Peter Schlumbohm in 1941s. Chemex is a wonderful invention for those who love to drink drip coffee. Chemex drip coffee maker uses a thick paper filter to extract coffee instead of the usual paper used in other drip coffee makers.

Besides being visually stunning, in Chemex vs Moka Pot, the Chemex is a top pick for most drip coffee lovers. Also, Chemex is one of the best-designed products of 1941. Chemex can be found in museums across the world, as well as in collections such as the Brooklyn Museum, Corning Museum of Glass, and MOMA, NY.

Because of the paper’s filtering effect, almost all of the oils in the coffee are removed. Hence, you can enjoy a clean and smooth cup of coffee. Even though this method may take more time than others, but it produces a coffee that is rich in flavor and offers a unique taste. In Chemex vs Moka pot, Chemex is not hard like Moka Pot and it’s easily breakable and fragile accessories.

What is the Defference Between Chemex vs Moka Pot?

First, let’s talk about the fragility of Chemex vs Moka Pot. Moka Pots are usually made out of stainless steel or aluminum and both are durable materials that cannot be broken and you can use it last for decades. However, Chemex is made from plastic or glass. Using Chemex you’ll learn how to determine the exact ratio of ground coffee to water that helps you achieve your preferred flavor.

Many people called Moka pots stovetop espresso coffee maker and it produces coffee with a higher extraction ratio than most other espresso machines.

Even though both coffee makers have differences in brew strength and taste, but the main difference between Chemex vs Moka pot is the different water temperature. Due to the fact that the Moka pot uses steam, the water needs to be extremely hot during brewing. However, warm water can be used for Chemex brewing. Moka pot coffee gives you intense flavor, whereas Chemex coffee comes out floral, and light-acidic due to its thick filter.

To use a Moka pot, you will need either an electric source or a stovetop. And if you are planning for the trip then it’s also a good option because Moka pot can be used with an open fire. Moka pot is a portable coffee maker and you can take it anywhere. No matter what your surroundings are, you will just need an open fire to make coffee with Moka pot. In order to use a Chemex, all you need is a countertop or table. Since the water is not heated in the Chemex, you do not need to put it over an open flame.

Chemex vs Moka Pot

Chemex Vs Moka Pot Conclusion:

Honestly, between Chemex vs Moka Pot. Neither of these coffee makers is a winner, and it takes personal preference to decide whether the Moka pot or Chemex is better for you.

Choosing reusable filters for Chemex is a smarter choice because you can save money but the paper filters for Chemex can be expensive. Also, Chemex is the best choice for those who prefer not to have any grounds left in the cup and want a much cleaner cup that may also be a less bitter cup of coffee. Chemex is also less expensive than other drip makers.

For the trip, you can’t go with Chemex, as it is made from glass or plastic. You must have to choose a Moka pot or another coffee maker. Coffee from Moka Pot may taste more acidic. This product may not be the best choice if you prefer a coffee that does not taste too strong, then Moka Pot is not for you.

Especially Moka pots are a good option for those who prefer a strong cup of coffee and if you will not be bothered by the grounds at the bottom. We recommend you to check out the Moka Pot. One more thing, whether you are making coffee with Chemex or Moka Pot, use a medium-coarse grind for the best result.

Before you make any decision and click the Amazon button to make any purchase, we would like to suggest you something. If there is any possibility that you can buy both products, then do it! it would be a great idea. Because you will be able to use both and get different experience and taste and then whichever product you like the most, keep it and use in your daily life.

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